Project Brief:

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers have been a long time client of Hopping Mad’s. We created their initial brand and website when the company started and has been providing SEO services for several years. Seeking a change, Doolan Wagner went with another company for a new website. Unfortunately, this turned out to be quite a mistake. Client conversion dropped with the new design, and the new website (built of a WordPress theme, not a custom build) was buggy and difficult to update. Doolan Wagner turned to HMD to patch and fix the site repeatedly.


Reluctantly we recommended a new build. The client agreed, and this led to an overhaul of the company brand – new logo, new website, new life to the business. The new website has a modern, innovative edge to it. A striking peacock feather pattern is the base to a sophisticated colour palette and image.


The new brand positions Doolan Wagner as a boutique and unique law practice. Conversion is back on track and the client is thrilled with the look of their website and their current Google rankings.