Month: June 2013

Dive in and find out about the latest news, tips, digital marketing ideas and trends in graphic & web design, printing and branding from the team at Hopping Mad Designs

What’s the difference between a and a .com domain?

June 14 2013 If you have your domain name but are not sure whether to get the .com or domain, then here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction. Making the right domain name decision now can prove vital in the online success or failure of your website. MORE →

Awesome Ways To Grow Your Website Traffic

June 13 2013 In the retail world where you may have a shop front, you can try to increase sales by having a new window display, offering a discount or even working on your good old fashion customer service. In the online world however, this is not so simple. Thinking of ways to MORE →


June 12 2013 Corporate blogging is an awesome way to make a connection with your audience. Blogging and blogging websites are becoming more fashionable and it is just recently that the corporates have decided to come on board. Corporate or Company blogs are a great way to increase the amount of visitors to MORE →

Guaranteed SEO – Why We Don’t Offer An SEO Guarantee

June 7 2013 Many clients ask us “What SEO guarantees can you give me that I will be ranking on the first page of Google, and how long should all this take?” This is a common question and in my opinion a perfectly fair one to ask. Reason being, there are many SEO MORE →

Differences Between a Web Design Expert and a Web Developer

June 4 2013 Web designers versus web developers, and yes there is a huge difference. Many people use these terms lightly and associate one with the other. But, upon closer examination, you will see that there is a big difference between the web designer and the website developer. MORE →

Environmentally Friendly Web Design

June 2 2013 Hopping Mad Designs knows that being environmentally friendly is becoming more crucial in today's environmentally conscious world. This is why we are constantly implementing 'green' initiatives in the work place throughout all our business workings and processes to reduce our waste and conserve our resources. MORE →

Why m. websites are no good

June 17 2013 I love browsing on my mobile. I do it all the time; whether shopping, looking at social media sites or just doing some plain old research. But I can tell you that there are real issues starting to pop up with .m sites, that I see all over the place. MORE →

Pinterest an e-commerce social media must-have!

June 24 2013 If you have an e-commerce website, then Pinterest ( a relatively new social media platform) is a must to promote your products. It's simple to use, easy to sign up with and is growing in popularity daily. What was just a social media site to post cool photos has MORE →

ECommerce Website Designers + Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

June 30 2013 If your business is a small start up, retail looking for an ecommerce online solution or a large well known house hold name our ecommerce shopping cart website and software solutions make it simple to manage your new website. Our ecommerce websites now make it so easy for you to MORE →

The hidden costs of outsourcing your web development offshore

June 26 2013 Are you looking to save money on your web development costs and thinking outsourcing your development offshore? It's extremely tempting. The lure of cheap web development with speedy turn around times and ultra friendly staff can be very hard to resist. But let's be realistic here and look at the MORE →
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