Hopping Mad Designs has been providing website hosting solutions for businesses throughout Sydney + Australia since 1998.

Once we have designed your new website we are able to host it securely where your website will be up and online 24/7. We provide a secure, fast and extremely safe hosting environment for your website.

Having a website designed and developed by Hopping Mad Designs is only one part of the web process. There are many hosting companies out there offering cheap solutions, but their hosting is offshore and their IT support is only accessed online.

Fast and very secure 100% Australian based hosting

At Hopping Mad Designs we do the following when it comes to your web hosting:

  • Aim to fix any hosting issues that you may have as quickly as possible.
  • Offer you a secure stress-free hosting experience
  • Provide reliable infrastructure for your website hosting
  • Offer you alternative hosting packages to suit your business
  • Never up-sell you over the phone and push you into a website hosting package that you may never need.
  • Speak your language–not ‘tech speak’ – we have been there before so we know how frustrating this can be.
  • We are based in Sydney so you will be dealing with someone from Australia – in fact, you will be speaking with someone from our office. There are no nasty offshore call centres when you are dealing with us.
  • If you are stuck with your current hosting provider who is making it difficult for you to move your website over to Hopping Mad Designs, we will take care of everything. This will be done at no extra cost so you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the phone, wasting valuable time.
  • We can also set up your emails so that your hosting and emails are all with 1 company.

Why Use Hopping Mad Designs for Your Hosting?

There are many companies out there who can provide you with a website design hosting service or a web design platform that can handle your hosting and emails but there is one main difference that we can offer you at Hopping Mad Designs for the placement and security of your website hosting and that is:  WE ARE REAL.

We are people who answer the phone, are responsive and run a business like you and understand that having a website go down is a disaster.

We offer responsive, same time zone support, with full configuration capability.

If you want a fast and easy process for getting your website active, then speak to us about our hosting packages.

With just a few clicks you can get a domain, website, e-mail address and all the fantastic perks of having Hopping Mad Designs take care of your web presence, online marketing and entire digital strategy.

Ready to get started?

If you would like  Hopping Mad Designs to take care of your website hosting  CALL  02 9360 8514

Also view our web design, graphic design and SEO services.

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