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Checkout Web Page Design

eCommerce Checkout Page Design: What *Not* to Do

July 12 2021 Is your eCommerce website ranking on Google and getting lots of traffic but sales are sluggish? Perhaps it's the design of your check out page. Following are some tips on what not to do on your checkout page. MORE →
What Is The Most Critical Aspect Of An eCommerce Web Design?

What Is The Most Critical Aspect Of An eCommerce Web Design?

June 4 2021 Are you planning to start an eCommerce online business or perhaps you already have an online store and it's not performing well? Check out these must-haves for all eCommerce sites. MORE →

Designing E-Commerce Sites Learned From Real Stores

August 14 2013 Designing an e-commerce website is very similar to the way in which a retail shop has been designed. You can learn a lot from the way the big retailer's design, (especially the big US chains) and fit-out their stores. MORE →
Magento Ecommerce Website Platforms

Magento Ecommerce Website Platforms

January 26 2013 The online world has made it that much easier to sell your products via an Magento Ecommerce website shopping cart platform. Hopping Mad Designs is able to provide your business with a Magento ecommerce solution which is packed with extra features, which allows you, the merchant the necessary control MORE →
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