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Classy White Interiors Get a Touch of Warmth in a Modern Apartment

All-white interiors are trendy and classy, but they often present the challenge of ensuring that elegance and simplicity don’t come at the cost of warmth and a homely feel. When the clients approached Kreative House for the interior design of their a…

05 December, 2022

How a Mumbai Interior Design Studio Turned an Apartment into an Urban Oasis

Apartments in metropolises are notorious for being cramped and noisy – not the greatest environment for relaxing or unwinding at the end of a busy day. So, how does one create calm in the midst of an urban storm? The designers at Canvasinc show us ho…

28 October, 2022

How to Use Indoor Plants to Boost the Interior Design of a Modern Office

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see indoor plants in offices. Most interior design professionals include a few air-purifying plants in the office to refresh the air. After all, the air-conditioning in modern office buildings creates an environment wit…

28 August, 2022

An Attractive Minimalist Facade Makes an Exposed Brick House in Bangalore Memorable

Residential architecture in an urban area poses the challenge of designing an elegant home that makes a statement from the outside and reflects the modern style in the interiors.

19 August, 2022

Modern Corporate Office Design with Obstruction-less Design by Ahmedabad-based Interior Designers

Corporate office designs had evolved from the era when the corporate office was a new phenomenon. Corporate design call for a cohesive space to inspire the staff and assist the decision-makers in making challenging decisions in a stress-free environm…

26 July, 2022

How the Designers Transformed a Retail Destination into a favourite Social Hub in Indrapuram

IHC, Indrapuram is a beautifully designed retail destination in Delhi NCR for people of all age groups, whether it's for shopping or a hang-out place to unwind at weekends or weekdays.

08 July, 2022

Creative and Smart Designs Create a Perfect Work and Play balance in Kanpur Office

The commercial office is a space where the employees and the employers spend most of their waking hours. The office space must be functional and create an ambience for work and recreational activities so people can spend their office time comfortably…

29 June, 2022

How Intelligent Office Design Creates a Perfect Co-working Space in Noida

Co-working spaces are trending because of their collaborative culture, networking opportunities, and economy. However, they need to offer offices that are more than just physical spaces to work.

12 June, 2022

Creative Design Helps Spark Innovation at an Incubation Centre in Noida

Commercial offices focus on functionality and professionalism, leaving little room for creativity. However, the design of a student incubation centre is a whole new ball game. While the space requires equipment, workstations, and facilities like thos…

10 June, 2022

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Designs to Build up Stunning Ceiling Décor

If the roof completes the house from the exterior, the ceiling captivates the imagination and unleashes creativity when designing the home interior. The fascination for the false ceilings grew with passing time and graduated to become an integral par…

22 February, 2022